Invideon is a software development studio specialized in core web technologies and the Microsoft technology stack for native applications and web back ends. We take pride in only delivering work of highest quality.

On-premise, cloud or hybrid

Cloud services are increasingly popular, but some services make more sense to keep inside you own datacenter. We have extensive experience in on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions.

Native or web-based

While the industry is rapidly moving to mainly web-based solutions, often for very good reasons, native applications still hold many distinct advantages over their web-based counterparts though. We excel in both approaches.

Cross device experience

Data locked into one device has become unthinkable. Data and thus applications seamlessly need to be available anywhere on any screen. All our native and web-based applications can be made to work across locations and devices.

Great UX makes software truly work

User experience has long been, and still very much is undervalued. Our goal is always for users wanting instead of having to use our software. Making a tool an asset.

Software development is never really done

We strongly believe that no decent software project is ever really done. Delivering a first version is only one step towards a goal. We work closely with our clients to continuously evaluate and improve where needed.

Over decade experience

Invideon has over 10 years of experience in software development. We specialize in core web technologies and the Microsoft technology stack for native applications and web back ends.

Companies we have helped


Innovative employment website for parents that are unable to work fulltime

Originally started as an independent project with support from the European Social Fund, now part of the VDAB (public employment service of Flanders). We helped build a new innovative employment website with a focus on parents that are unable to work fulltime. Employers post job openings that are flexible in both time and location. Parents create and maintain a detailed profile and resume. Advanced search functionality allows searching the database for job openings that match skill level, time and location. An advanced algorithm we developed automatically matches jobs with profiles and periodically offers suggestions. We continuously monitor effectiveness with all telemetry data.

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